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Red Swan Partners has the experience to assess the value of your business. We not only examine the current value, but we evaluate what the potential future value might be if there were various improvements, or if market conditions were to change.


We use a variety of processes including our proprietary Exit Readiness Assessment to provide objective measures. We will be totally candid with you with our findings and highlight any areas that need to be addressed if you are to achieve a greater value/successful sale of your company.

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help you on your value creation journey. We will invest our specialised skills and knowledge and network contacts into your business to take it to the next level. 


Our Operating Partners will develop an understanding of the inner workings of your company and develop a practical business plan to improve your business. Our approach will depend entirely on what the Exit Readiness Assessment revealed. We will review the integrity of all financial figures, assess the potential for product and customer diversification, evaluate the management team's strength, and assist with succession planning. In the short term, we will help you add value to your business and prepare it for sale in the longer term.

We will support you throughout the sales process so that you can realise full value for your business. 


We will help you identify potential buyers and create a compelling sales story that will help land you a sale; we will craft a business plan and valuation report for those buyers and we’ll support you in the selection of legal advisors.


We will lead the negotiations of the Sale and Purchase Agreement ensuring that the price negotiations go as smoothly as possible. With our hands-on approach and proven track record of successful M&A transactions, we can ensure your sales journey, exit strategy or business change will meet all your expectations.

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