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The RedSwan ERA is a simple process, and our experienced team support you throughout. The process is conducted over a 2 week period and has 4 components.


1. The business will be complete a questionnaire and provide high-level business information protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement with RedSwan Partners.

2. The business owner will have a 1 to 2  hour interview with one of our senior operating partners to discuss the questionnaire and to gain a greater understanding of your business dynamics

3. Based on the information received and analysed the business owner be sent RedSwan's proprietary ERA report, setting  out both the evaluation and recommendations

4. Follow up call/meeting to discuss findings and agree any next steps.


Red Swan Partner's Exit Readiness Assessment provides business owners with an objective assessment of their business. It answers three key questions: 


1. Is my business ready for an exit?

2. Has the value of my business been maximised?

3. Are there areas that need improving? 


Red Swan has developed a proprietary ERA toolkit based on our partners’ extensive experience of growing, buying, and selling businesses, Additionally, there have been detailed consultations with a range of strategic and financial buyers.

ERA Tool Kit

RSP has  identified 4 key parameters and 12 areas which drive value each of which contain specific areas which need to be looked at:


  1. Growth Dynamics: the growth potential of the business and of the markets in which it competes.

  2. Management: the current and future capabilities of the existing management 

  3. Operations: the technical strengths, capacity, and customer issues

  4. Governance: the strategy of the business and supporting processes and controls.

"Value Assessed"

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