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18 October 2023

Home House - London - UK



8:30 AM

Registration and Networking

Welcome coffee and refreshments


9:00 AM

Opening Session

  • Welcome Remarks by Red Swan Partners

  • Attendees Introductions

Talal Yousef, RSP

All attendees

9:15 AM

Spotlight on the Certification Industry

Main topic: The Influence of Emerging Standards Related to Climate Change and the Green Economy on Governance, Specifically ESG Reporting

Simon Payne, LRQA

9:55 AM

AI's Impact on the Certification Industry

Main Topic: Exploring the Transformative Role of Artificial Intelligence in Certification

Alan Carter, AMTIVO

10:15 AM

Freeform (Market Trends and Challenges Discussion)

Example questions:
Demand for Accredited Certification vs. Non- Accredited Certification
Implications of UKCA in a Post-Brexit Economy Recognition of UKAS Accreditation in the EU

Sue Putters, RSP
Paul Stennett, RSP

10:30 AM

Short Break and Coffee



10:45 AM

Maximizing Business Value:

Key Strategies for Growth and Effective Exit Planning

John Willox , RSP

11:25 AM

Understanding the Mindset of Buyers

Insights into What Private Equity Firms and Strategic Buyers Look for in a Company.

John Willox , RSP

12:00 PM

Event Round-Up and Closing

Summary of Key Takeaways

John Willox , RSP

12:10 PM

Networking and Buffet Lunch



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