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The roundtable provided valuable insights into the key challenges facing the certification industry, while also facilitating great networking opportunities.

Roman Zadrozny


We have been following Red Swan Partners recently, and wondering what the scope of its network and effectiveness of events was. Red Swan Partners were very well prepeared. The agenda and discussions were very valuable for our company's future strategies.

Nesrin Serin

USB Certification

RSP Organization's of the event was very beneficial for our company, in terms of providing specific networking in the TIC area. It also gave us chance to see the opportunities in sector and to position ourselves better among our competitors.

Mirac Wolska

USB Certification

The event was very informative and it was great to share views and experiences with other key players in the TIC sector.

James Gibb

Advanced Certification

The Red Swan Partners event was a very interesting exchange of views and insights on the TIC industry businesses and trending topics. It was a pleasure to take part in it.

Daniel OLIVA


Thanks to Red Swan Partners for a most interesting seminar and great networking opportunities. We got a lot of new ideas and market insights including the potential for AI in the industry and ideas for how to add value to our business.

Harald Schjølberg

Scandiavian Certification


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