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We met Red Swan Partners and Talal Yousef when we had been trying to sell our company in Dubai for several years, unsuccessfully. 


Talal and his team have exceptional knowledge of our industry (TIC) and were able to see our business from the perspective of a potential purchaser.  They provided advice on how to transition from a business built and run over many years by its founder, to a business run for the benefit of its shareholders, with the necessary reporting, checks & balances, etc. 


We entered our agreement with RSP with a current suitor, however after a year Covid intervened and the deal collapsed.  RSP was then able to find a new potential buyer from within their widespread contacts, and rapidly bring it to a successful conclusion. 


Their knowledge and experience must be unparalleled; their constant attention and unremitting focus on our goals was what got the deal over the line.  We are happy to recommend RSP to any business which needs to make a similar transition.

Tom Bell-Wright


Through the support of RSP, Ugene Lab has procured and implemented innovative technologies, which has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our organisation. We have migrated from manual, inefficient processes and systems. This has improved the sustainability of our business. This has also enabled us to better focus on executing our business model and serving customers while becoming more competitive.


Comprehensive understanding of our industry is one of the strength of RSP. This has enabled them to quickly add value to our company during strategic and ad hoc assignments. RSP was able to pinpoint areas for improvement quickly which help us to grow revenue. Their integrity, high calibre team, quality work and team-oriented mindset are areas that we always appreciate. RSP team communicates the truth even during times that require a difficult message or unpopular decisions.


In addition to supporting Ugene Lab's business initiatives, RSP has helped me bring Ugene Lab to the next level by enabling me to focus on strategy, execution while giving me a different perspective on management styles and tips. Employees have also expressed a notable improvement in the efficiency of our day-to day operations and long-term strategy.

Eunice Ng


Talal can quickly build trust with all stakeholders. He is a creative strategic thinker, whose prompting has often enabled me to look beyond initial appearances to discover hidden opportunities in a potential deal.

Matt Davies


Kiwa and ASI share similar customer-first business values and follow the same business model when it comes to Testing, inspection and Certification. We are grateful for the support that RSP provided in bringing both companies together

Charray Williams


Talal expertly managed every aspect of the transaction, including market analysis, screening, evaluation, recommendation, negotiation, due diligence, and early integration. His professionalism, knowledge, skills, dedication and patience were evident throughout the process.

Lu Jing Ping

Co-founder Admaterials

The process (merger between Kiwa and ASI) was made easier due to our dealings with and support from Talal and the RSP team

Richard Stolk

Kiwa Global Director for the Food, Feed & Farm sectors

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