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Rebekka Arkudas

Operating Partner

Rebekka has a positive attitude and is very passionate about what she does. She proactively develops strategies together with our clients to accomplish their objectives. She also supports our advisory board and our clients to better deal with the challenge of implementing change with innovative ideas.

Areas of Expertise:



Years of Experience:

Sales, Customer Service, Business Development, IT, CRM, LMS, Accounting, Trainer, Consultancy, Management and Customer Platforms.

• Diploma Geologist.
• Water Pollution Officer.
• Certified Business Coach.

• 11 years at Eurofins Scientific, holding different management positions (Sales and Customer Service, Site Manager) and Key Account Management. Responsible internationally for the Commercial Laboratory Management System (LMS) at Food Division level.

• IT Director of the Agro Testing Business Line.

• EQting Leadership Institute Team.

Over 13 years.

Rebekka Arkudas
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