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John Knappenberger

Advisory Board Member

John brings practical, hands on knowledge of how both sellers and buyers look at businesses but more importantly how to add value to get a win-win business success. He also has in depth knowledge of accreditation and certification to ISO standards through his work at implementing the standards in three companies and his leading ANAB.

Areas of Expertise:



Years of Experience:

Accreditation, Sales & Marketing, Operations, M&A, Quality ams Business Leadership.

B.History at Muhlenberg College.

• President and Chief Executive Officer of ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, (ANAB). Successfully led the company to a 400% revenue growth generated from organic growth (70% of total growth) and 3 acquisitions (30% of total growth).

• Successful management at Dura Automotive Systems, being an integral part of the company’s organic growth as well as sixteen automotive supplier acquisitions in Europe and the US that increased Dura’s revenue from $250m to $2.5b.

Over 30 years.

John Knappenberger
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