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RSP Food is a division of Red Swan Partners Ltd

The leading consultancy in the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) sector. 

RSP Food is led by Talal Yousef and Paul Stennett and specialises in arrange of business improvement activities for food and beverage industries. Given the experience of the Founders of RSP Food, we are also able to offer consultancy services to the dynamic and fast-growing pet food industry. 

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help you on your value creation journey. 

We will invest our specialised skills and knowledge and network contacts into your business to take it to the next level. Our Operating Partners will develop an understanding of the inner workings of your company and develop a practical business plan to improve your business.


Our approach will depend entirely what our Growth Readiness Assessment reveals. We will review the integrity of all financial figures, assess the potential for product and customer diversification, evaluate the management team's strength, and assist with succession planning.


In the short term, we will help you add value to your business and lay the foundations for profitable growth. If desired RSP Food can prepare your business for sale in the longer term if this one of your aims, or help you acquire a business to drive growth and expand into new areas.

RSP-Food and the pet food industry.

The pet food industry has recorded more than thirty years continuous profitable growth and is a vanguard of innovation in terms of product development, packaging development and the way it is marketed.

RSP-Food has access to in depth experience in petfood development, nutritional, operational and marketing expertise. This covers areas such as recipe and formulation development, packaging development (innovation and environmental), process development and output optimisation in baked and extruded pet foods; nutritional/dietary expertise. Our quality improvement experts can assist you in meeting food safety standards such as SALSA; BRC and the “B-Corp” ESG standard.

RSP-Food’s pet food skills also cover all types of pet food:  dry pet food, wet pet food, fresh cooked frozen and raw-frozen pet foods. We also have expert knowledge of the very profitable snack and treat development process. Finally, RSP-Food can advise on the very specialist area of pet food palatability. The success of a pet food product is built on its palatability- how well a dog or cat enjoys the food. Does it eat it all and eagerly? Any rejection or refusal by the pet usually results in the “pet-parents” moving to a more palatable (and usually more premium) brand. Our experts can help you fine tune your recipes to ensure they compete with the best.


The business will be complete a questionnaire and provide high-level business information protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement with RSP-Food.


The business owner will have a 1-to-2-hour interview with one of our senior operating partners to discuss the questionnaire and to gain a greater understanding of your business dynamics.


Based on the information received and analysed the business owner be sent RSP-Food’s proprietary GRA report, setting out both the evaluation and recommendations


Follow up call/meeting to discuss findings and agree any next steps.

Helping your business grow

The RSP -Food Growth Readiness Assessment (GRA)

The RSP-Food GRA is a simple process, and our experienced team support you throughout. The process is conducted over a 2-week period and has 4 components.


Is my business ready for growth- what factors could have been holding it back?


Has the value of my business been maximised? Growth prospects, profitability, productivity?


Are there areas that need improving? 


The Growth Readiness Assessment provides business owners with an objective assessment of their business. It answers three key questions: 

RSP-Food has developed a proprietary GRA toolkit based on our partners’ extensive experience of growing, buying, and selling businesses.

Growth Dynamics

The growth potential of the business and of the markets in which it competes.


The current and future capabilities of the existing management.


The technical strengths, capacity, and customer issues.


The strategy of the business and supporting processes and controls.

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