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Certification in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World

22 May 2024

Home House - London - UK

Round Table Discussion 


Harnessing AI and Cybersecurity for Advancement in the TIC Sector 

In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, it is paramount for CEOs of TIC companies, whether small-scale startups or large corporates, to stay abreast of the transformative powers of AI, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain.


This event offers an unmatched confluence of thought leadership, practical workshops, and networking opportunities tailored to the unique intersection of technology and the TIC sector.


Attending this event will not only equip you with the knowledge to steer your company through the evolving digital landscape but will also provide you with the strategic foresight to capitalize on emerging opportunities and forge valuable connections with industry pioneers.

We are so pleased to announce our next certification roundtable and VIP dinner; this are not just an event but a milestone in our journey to navigate the dynamic certification industry. The heart of these gatherings lies in the connections we foster and the knowledge we share.

Attendance at this event is Invitation only.

If you would like to be considered for this event please complete the waitlist form. 




22 May 2024


Home House 

London - UK


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CEOs and leaders of TIC companies - Why This Event Is Unmissable

  • Discover how Cybersecurity presents both a threat and an opportunity for the TIC sector.

  • Consider how collaboration within the sector could transform our collective digital defences.

  • Discuss lessons learned for the TIC sector from recent cyber attacks.

  • Explore how recent breakthroughs in AI could bring rapid change to the sector.

  • Stay ahead by mastering new technologies and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Hear from those who've led their TIC companies through successful digital transformations.

  • Engage in shaping the dialogue around tech advancements and regulatory frameworks within TIC.

  • Network with industry leaders to form strategic alliances and uncover collaborative ventures.

  • Learn from the preeminent minds in the field, acquiring expertise on navigating the multifaceted TIC landscape.

  • Foster networking and partnering opportunities.

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