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Building a Safer Future: Innovations in Building Compliance

Intercontinental Sydney - CBD - Australia

Round Table Discussion 


7 May 2024

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8:30 AM

Registration and Networking

Welcome coffee and refreshments

9:00 AM

First Session (Includes 2 coffee breaks)

  • A collaborative discussion with industry leaders and policymakers on the changing landscape of building regulations.

  • Delving into how technology is transforming building compliance – The role of AI included.

  • Contributing to discussions that shape the building compliance environment and encourageindustry growth.

  • Addressing the duty of compliance agencies in ensuring the security and adherence ofconstructions to regulation.

  • Learn how TIC ensures market access for compliant products, upholding public trust and safety.

All attendees

12:15 PM


01:00 PM

Second Session (Includes 1 coffee break)

  • An interactive discussion featuring investors and M&A experts on how buyers assess the value of businesses in the TIC sector. Gain insights into what financial, operational, and compliance aspects are scrutinised and how to best prepare for valuation.

  • Understanding value creation tactics and approaches for maximizing the value of a TIC business

  • Engage with seasoned professionals who will share their experiences of common pitfalls and key issues encountered during due diligence. Learn how to pre-emptively address these concerns andstreamline the acquisition process.

All attendees

03:00 PM


Networking and Refreshments

Overview           Speakers          Schedule

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