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Certification in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World



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Certification in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World

Home House - London - UK

Round Table Discussion


22 May 2024

8:30 AM

Registration and Networking

Welcome coffee and refreshments

9:00 AM

First Session

  • Gain insights into AI regulation by engaging in in-depth discussions about the EU and UK's current and future regulatory frameworks.

  • Contribute to policy discussions with AI regulators and shape a conducive environment for TIC growth.

  • Dive into real-world AI applications within TIC, explore ethical considerations, and experience hands-on demonstrations.

  • Discover cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies essential for future-proofing TIC operations.

  • Acknowledge the critical role of TIC in validating and certifying emerging technologies.

  • Understand the responsibility TIC companies hold in certifying secure and compliant products.

  • Learn how TIC ensures market access for compliant products, upholding public trust and safety.

All attendees

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

12:45 PM

Second Session

  • Value creation and value optimization

  • Private Equity vs. Strategic Buyers: Differences in valuation approaches, investment time horizons, and the strategic benefits each buyer type can offer.

  • Buy and Build Strategy: delve into the importance of a buy-and-build approach within your investment strategy, examining key benefits and effective practices.

All attendees

02:00 PM

Closing Remarks - Networking

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