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Building a Safer Future: Innovations in Building Compliance



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Building a Safer Future: Innovations in Building Compliance

Intercontinental Sydney - CBD - Australia

Round Table Discussion


7 May 2024

8:30 AM

Meet Your Community

Registration and Networking

9:00 AM

Building Compliance Innovations and Challenges (With two coffee breaks)
  • Regulatory Changes: Exploring the evolving landscape of building regulations in Australia.

  • Talent Attraction: Addressing the manpower challenge and strategies for attracting talent to the industry.

  • Technological Transformation: Discussing the impact of technology, including AI, on building compliance.

  • Insurance: Delving into the role of insurance challenges/role in enhancing building compliance processes (cost, claim management, contractual requirement, etc..)

All attendees

12:15 PM


01:00 PM

Value Optimization (With one coffee break)
  • Understanding Buyer Valuation: Insights into how different buyers approach valuation, focusing on sustainable earnings and the factors affecting EBITDA multiples.

  • Value Optimization: Strategies for driving value and positioning businesses to achieve premium valuation.

  • Private Equity vs. Strategic Buyers: Differences in valuation approaches, investment time horizons, and the strategic benefits each buyer type can offer.

  • Avoiding Pitfalls: Identifying common pitfalls in the sales process and best practices for maintaining value integrity.

  • Streamlining the Exit Process: The role of Exit Readiness Assessments in preparing for a business sale.

All attendees

03:00 PM


Networking and Refreshments

Overview        Speakers       Schedule       Testimonials       Gallery

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